Stephen J Brand



And lots of Ideas

Stephen works in film and in the digital domain across multiple genres, including drama, documentary and commercials.


4K Camera
Sony Cine Alta PMW-F55


Stephen J Brand is a creative resourceful DoP and highly adaptable camera operator with 25 years filming experience 


A catalogue of Modern & Vintage lenses to choose from…


First class broadcast equipment, covers all eventualities. Comfortable crew transport camera car based on a Vauxhall  Vivaro. Crew insured for public liability.


4K Camera
Sony Cine Alta PMW-F55 with DVF-L350 LCD Viewfinder, Sony ZF to PL Adapter (With 3x Les Bosher Sony ZF Back Caps), Sony Camera Microphone and CAC12 Mount
Sony A7s 4K Digital Full Frame CMOS Chip Camera
Sony A7IV 4K Digital Full Frame CMOS Chip Camera

High Definition (1920×1080)
Sony HDW-750p B4 HDCam Camcorder
Nikon D800 36 Mega Pixel Full Frame Digital DSLR

Waterproof Camera
Gopro Hero 2 with Mounts, Helmet, Clamps And Accessories

Osmo X3 Camera plus Car Suction Mount, Accessories and Neewer ND/ND Grad Set

Camera Rig
1x Lanparte VMS-01 Shoulder Mount Support Pad
15mm Carbon Rods – 450mm Set, 300mm Set, 250mm Set & 100mm Set
2x 15mm Riser
3x 15mm Lens Support
2x 15mm Moose Bars
1x Follow Focus V2-Dual Sided – Cinefocus (Shoot 35) Pro
1x Follow Focus, 0.8 Gear, Extension Arm – Lanparte FF-02
1x Crank Handle
1x 10″ Whip – Fogta
1x DSLR Camera Cage With 15mm Bars & Handle
1x Lanparte VBP-01 V-Mount Battery Pinch DSLR Power Supply Plate With HDMI Splitter & 15mm Rod
1x Smallrig Cheese Plate ¼ & 3/8 Inch Threads

Camera Onboard Hard Drive Recorders
Atomos Shogun Digital 4K Recorder , Smallrig Shogun Cage, Portabrace Rain Cover, Support Kit And Case
Atomos Shogun Flame Digital 4k Recorder and Smallrig Shogun Flame Cage
Atomos Samurai Digital Recorder, Rain Cover, Hs2 Converter, Dummy Dtap, Support Kit and Case
Convergent Design Nanoflash Recorder With LCD On/Off Cable , PSU and Rain Cover

HD700 Datavideo Monitor with Portabrace Cover & NP1 Adapter
Small HD DP4 4.3 Inch onboard Monitor and Accessories
16:9/4:3 (SD) Switchable Monitor (Sony 9045SDI) Plus Portabrace, Mains Power Cable, BNC Cables & Pag Plate
16:9/4:3 (SD) Switchable Monitor (Sony 6041QM) Plus Portabrace, Mains Power Cable, BNC Cables & Pag Plate
3x 2.5” (SD) Sony Handheld Wireless Monitor
3x 6.5” (SD) Sony Handheld Wireless Monitor With 6 Batteries And Case
Accsoon Cineeye Wireless Wifi HDMI Transmitter

Camera Media
2x 120GB SSD – Solid State Hard Drive
2x 240GB SSD – Solid State Hard Drive
1x 120GB XQD Card
2x 128GB XQD Card
5x 64GB XQD Card
2x 32GB XQD Card
2x Sony XQD to SXS Card Adapter
2x Sony USB3 XQD Card Reader
2x XQDx6 JJC Card Case
2x XQDx2 Card Case
2x SXSx2 JJC Card Case
1x USB3 CF/SD Card Reader
4x 32GB CF Card
1x 64GB Sandisk Extreme CF Card
4x 64GB SDXC Class 10 Card
1x 128GB Micro SD Class 10 Card
4x 32GB SDHC Class 10 Card
1x JJC SDx6 Card Case

Data Wrangling
HP Laptop 4GB Ram 1TB HDD
3x Lacie 500GB Rugged Hard Disk Drive
1x WD Elements 1TB Hard Disk Drive

Lightmeter & Colour Temperature Meter
Sekonic L-508
Sekonic L-558
Gossen Color Pro 3f


6x PAG 150Wh ‘Flight-Safe’ Ni-Mh Paglok Battery
2x PAG 95Wh Li-Ion Paglok Battery
3x Vlok 95Wh Battery
3x NP1 4000mah Battery
5x FW50 Sony A7s Battery
3x FZ100 Sony A7IV Battery
2x EN-EL15 Nikon D800 Battery
2x Osmo X3 Battery
6x NP-970 Battery
2x FW50 Sony A7s Battery Charger
1x FZ100 Dual Sony A7IV Battery Charger
1x EN-EL15 Nikon D800 Battery Charger
1x Osmo X3 Battery Charger
1x Vlok 2 Channel Battery Charger
3x PAG AR124 Battery Charger
2x PAG AR124NPD NP1 Battery Charger
2x PAG Freelancer Battery Charger
5x PAG to XLR4 Battery Adapter Plate
PAG MC124 Battery Charger
3x Sony NP-970 Battery Charger
3x USB Power Bank 10000mah
3x PAG to Vlok Adapter.
12V Inverter (140W & 230W)
Camera Mains XLR PSU


Sennheiser 416 Microphone with Rycote Softie and Pistol Grip
2x Sennheiser G3 RX/TX Radio Mic (Ch38/70)
Sennheiser G2 RX/TX Radio Mic (Ch70)
Sennheiser G2 TX Plug-In (Ch70)
Electro-Voice RE50B
2x Tram Lavalier Microphone
2x Sennheiser Lavalier ME2 Microphone
Rode Boom Pole
Sennheiser Headphones
XLR Cables 2x 5M & 10M


High Definition 1920×1080 B4 (2/3 Inch) Lenses:
Fujinon Ha22 X7.8berm-M48
Fujinon Ha13x4.5berm-M48b
Cooke (Rank Hobson Taylor) Videtal F2 8-44mm (Variable Prime Lens)
Nikon F Mount to Sony B4 Adapter – FW-Eng Converter – TMW-B1 With Case

Zoom Demand:
Canon Zoom Demand 300m
Fujinon Zoom Demand
Libec (C/F) Zoom Demand

Nikon F-Mount 35mm Prime Lenses:
Nikon 16mm Lens F2.8 (Fisheye)
Nikon 28mm Lens F3.5
Nikon 50mm Lens F1.8
Mamiya Sekor 80mm Macro Lens (With Nikon F Mount)
Tamron 90mm Macro F2.8 Lens
Nikon 105mm Lens F2.5
Nikon 135mm Lens F3.5
Meyer Optik Gorlitz 200mm F4 Adapted Nikon F Mount
Nikon 300mm Lens F4.5
Nikon X2 Extender


Nikon F-Mount 35mm Zoom Lenses:
Tokina 11-20mm F2.8 DX Lens
Tokina 16-28mm F2.8 FX Lens
Nikon 17-55mm VR F2.8 DX Lens
Nikon 24-70mm ED F2.8 AF-S FX Lens
Tokina 28-70mm ATX F2.8 FX Lens
Nikon 35-105mm F3.5 FX Lens
Nikon 70-200mm VR F2.8 FX Lens
Tokina 150-500mm F5.6 FX Lens


Nikon Lens Adapters:
2x Nikon to Sony FZ Adapter
Nikon to Sony E-Mount Adapter

Canon FD 35mm Prime Lenses:
Tamron 17mm F3.5
Canon 28mm F2.8
Vivitar 28mm MC Close Focus F2.8
Canon 35mm F2.8
Sankyo Koki W-Komura 35mm F2.5
Canon 50mm SSC (Chrome Nose) F1.4
Canon 50mm F1.8
Canon 50mm Macro F3.5
Tamron AD2 F 90mm Macro Lens F2.5
Canon 100mm F2.8
Canon 100mm Macro F4
Canon 135mm F2.5
Sankyo Koki W-Komura 135mm F2.5
Canon 135mm F3.5
Canon 200mm F4
Sirius 500mm MC Mirror F8.8 – 67mm Dia – S: 87080227
Canon X2 Extender
Vivitar MC Tele Converter 3×4
Vivitar Macro Tube Set
Canon Extension Tube FD50


Canon FD 35mm Zoom Lenses:
Canon 28-85mm Macro F4 – Dia 72mm – S:16953
Canon 35-70mm F4
Canon 35-70mm Macro F3.5-4.5
2x Canon 70-210mm Macro F4
2x Canon 35-105mm Macro F3.5
Canon 85-300mm F4.5 – S:12403
2x Canon 100-300mm F5.6


Canon 1960’s FL 35mm Prime Lenses:
Canon 19Rmm F3.5
Canon 28mm F3.5
Canon 35mm F2.5
Canon 50mm F1.2
Canon 50mm F1.8
Canon 50mm Macro F3.5
Canon 85mm F1.8
Canon 135mm F2.5
Canon 200mm F3.5


Canon FL 35mm Zoom Lenses:
Canon 55-135mm F3.5
Canon 85-300mm F5


Canon Lens Adapters:
2x Canon FD To Sony FZ Adapter


KMZ Helios 35mm M42 Prime Lenses:
2x Helios 44-2 58mm F2 Lens with 1x Linoptek M42 To PL Adapter


Petri 35mm M42 Prime Lenses:
Petri CC Auto 55mm F1.8 Lens


Pentacon 35mm M42 Prime Lenses:
Pentacon 30mm F3.5 – S: 8703287
Pentacon 50mm F1.8
Pentacon 135mm F2.8– S: 8405167
Pentacon 135mm Auto MC F2.8– S: 1077399


Meyer –Optik Gorlitz 35mm M42 Prime Lenses:
Meyer –Optik Gorlitz Oreston 50mm F1.8
Meyer –Optik Gorlitz Orestor 135mm F2.8– S: 4051121
Meyer –Optik Gorlitz Primotar 180mm F3.5 – S:2997165
Meyer –Optik Gorlitz Orestor 200mm F4

M42 Lens Adapters:
1x M42 to Sony E Mount Adapter
1x M42 to Sony E Mount Macro Helicoid Adapter

Schneider 35mm DKL Prime Lenses:
Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenon 50mm F1.9

E Mount Lens Adapters:
1x Sony E Mount Macro Extension Tube Set
1x Icarex Ikon 35 to Sony E Mount Adapter
1x Fujica to Sony E Mount Adapter

Medium Format Hasselblad Prime Lenses:
Macro Kit:
Hasselblad 50mm F2.8 Lens
4x Macro Adapter Tubes
Hasselblad to B4 Mount

Rotavision Carl Zeiss Distagon T* F2.8 8K 8 Perf BNCR Mount Lenses:
Zeiss Cineovision 18mm F2.8 – Full Frame
Contax 28mm T2.8 – Full Frame
Contax 35mm T2.8 – Full Frame
Hasselblad 50mm T2.8 – Medium Format
Hasselblad 80mm T2.8 – Medium Format
Hasselblad 150mm T2.8 – Medium Format
Leica Cineovision 100mm Apo-Macro-Elmarit-R E60 F2.8 – Full Frame
Canon EFTo BNCR Stainless Steel Mount Adapter ( 50mm, 80mm, And 150mm Only)
Sony FZ To BNCR Mount Adapter
Rotavision Flightcase – 5 Lens Set

1960’s German Carl Zeiss Jena PL Adapted Pentacon 6 Mount Lens Set
50mm ‘Zebra’ SC Flektogon F4 – Medium Format
80mm ‘Zebra’ SC Biometar F2.8 – Medium Format
120mm ‘Zebra’ SC Biometar F2.8 – Medium Format
180mm ‘Zebra’ SC Sonnar F2.8 – Medium Format
180mm MC Sonnar F2.8 – Medium Format
300mm MC Sonnar F2.8 – Medium Format
P6 to Nikon Adapter
P6 to Nikon Tilt-Shift Adapter
P6 to Canon EF Adapter
P6 to Canon FD Adapter
P6 to Sony NEX (E Mount) Adapter

1960’s 5K Schneider-Kreuznach ‘Zebra’ 35mm Cine Xenon PL Lens Set
18mm Schneider-Kreuznach Cinegon F1.8 – Full Frame
28mm Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenon F2 – Full Frame
35mm Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenon F2 – Full Frame
40mm Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenon F2 – Full Frame
40mm Kilfitt Zoomar Macro F2.8 – Full Frame
50mm Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenon F2 – Full Frame
75mm Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenon F2 – Full Frame
90mm Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar F3.5
135mm Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar F3.5
360mm Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar F5.5
PL 20mm Extension Tube
2x PL To Sony NEX (E Mount) Adapter
200mm Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar Exakta F5.5

Lens Matte Boxes:
Vocas Matte Box MB250, 2 Filter Trays, French Flag, Side Flags and Case
Vocas Matte Box MB350, 3 Filter Trays, 4 Donuts, French Flag and Case


4×4 Glass:
Format: ND (Solid) 3, 6, 9 & 1.2
Format: ND (Grads) 3, 6 & 9
Schneider: Black Frost 1/8, ¼, ½
Tiffen: Black Promist ¼, ½
Tiffen: SFX 1 & 2
Tiffen: Gold Diffusion FX 1 & 3
P-Dif Camera Diffusion Filter ¼ & ½
Kenko: Fog 1
Tiffen: Double Fog 1/8 & ¼
Schneider: Ultra Polariser
Tiffen: 812
Schneider: Gold 1 & 2
Format: Blue Gray 1 & 2
Tiffen: Sunset 1 & 3
Tiffen: (Coloured Grads) Cyan 1, Red 1, Yellow 1 & Pink 1
Tiffen: Optical Flat
Tiffen: Red Softnet 1
Special VFX Flemish
Christian Dior Silk Stocking Filter – Black, White, Tan

Circular Glass Filter:
Tiffen 77mm Variable ND
Rodenstock 77mm UV
Tiffen 82mm UV
Jacobs 82mm Polariser

ND Variable Fader Glass Filter:
52mm, 55mm, 58mm & 67mm


DJI Ronin with DJI Case – Thumb Controller, Catclaw & Extension Arms
Zhiyun Crane V2 3-Axis Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal with Follow Focus Unit, Dual Handheld Bar, Agimbalgear Gimbal Handle And ZW-B02 Wireless Remote
Flowline Easyrig (17.6-39.6 Lbs), Flowline Placid Arm, Kong Frog and Bag
Sachtler 18p Head (100mm Bowl) with 3270 Left and 3271 Right Pan Bars
Carbon Fibre Tripod (100mm Bowl) with Bottom Spreader, Sachtler Soft Bag and Travel Case
Sachtler Aluminium Tripod (100mm Bowl)
Manfrotto 100mm Hi-Hat
Ronford F15S MK2 (1983) Head 150mm Bowl (Cased)
Ronford F15S MK1 Head 150mm Bowl (Cased)
Ronford F7MK3 Wide Platform Head 150mm Bowl (Cased)
Ronford F4 Head 150mm Bowl (Flightcase)
Ronford F3 Head 100mm Bowl (softcase)
Ronford Tall Legs 150mm Bowl & Ground Spreader (Cased)
Ronford Short Legs 150mm Bowl & Ground Spreader (Cased)
Ronford Short Wooden Legs 150mm Bowl (Spikes)
Ronford 150mm Bowl Hi-Hat
Ronford 150mm Half-Bowl
Ronford Limpet Car-Mount 150mm Bowl (Flightcase)
Ronford Rolling Spider
Konova K7 1.5m Slider with 100mm Tripod Bowl Adapter and 100mm K-Riser Bowl Adapter in Soft Bag
Proaim Flyking 4ft Slider with 100mm, 150mm & Moy Tripod Bowl Adapter In Flightcase
12v Motorised 80cm Slider in Case
Smallrig Quick Release Plate for Ronford
Camtree 19-15mm Base Plate & Dovetail Tripod Plate (Arri Standard) with Niceyrig Tripod Base Plate Adapter & 15mm Railblock
Manfrotto 500H Head
Hague Wally Dolly Copy
Camcrane 200 Jib (Modified) In Soft Bag with 60kg Weights
Pole Cat
3x Magic Arms
6x K-Clamps
4x VCT14 Camera Plate
2x Gaffer Clamps
2x Arri Limpet Clamps
2x 11 Inch 1/4 Adjustable Magic Arm
2x 5 Inch 1/4 Adjustable Magic Arm
3x Adjustable ¼ Inch Ball and Socket Mount
DSLR Skater Dolly
Benbo Trekker Tripod, Manfrotto 222 Pistol Grip
Stills Light Weight Tripod
Safety Harness and Straps (Cased)
DSLR F&V Camera Waist Rig Support
2x Panavision Camera Comfort Cushion


3x Falcon-Eyes RX18TD Bi-Colour Fabric LED Soft Light, Dimmer Wifi Ballast, Diffuser Half Dome And 8m Extension Cable (Cased)
Bi-Colour LSP1380 ASVL High Output LED Soft Light (Kinoflo LED Celeb Copy)
Litepanel Camera Led Kit
17 Inch LED Bi-Colour Ringlight with PSU and Case
4x300S LED Bi-Colour Panels (280 LEDs) – With PSU, DTAP 12V Cable
1440 Viltrox LED Bi-Colour Panel (1440 LEDs) in Case with PSU
5600k Viltrox Dimmable (480 LEDs) in Case
2x Travor L-4500 Bi-Colour Dimmable (200 LEDs) in Case with PSU
3x 1320 Neewer Bi-Colour Vlok (1320 LEDs) in Case with PSU
2x 960 Neewer Bi-Colour Vlok (960 LEDs) in Case with PSU
3x 516 Bi-Colour Battery (Icelight)
Gekko Kelvin Tile Led Dimmable Bi-Colour Light & Barndoors
LEJ Stratos 336 Colour wash LED Light with LEDJS1 Controller, 10M DMX Cable (Case)
PAG LED Camera Light includes 125W Arclight and Tungsten Back

6 Bank Kinoflo Diva (Copy) with 55W Tungsten and Daylight Tubes
2x Pollysoft (Kinoflo) 4 Bank 35W Softlight
2x Pollysoft (Kinoflo) 8 Bank 35W Softlight
Softbox 6400k (Cool) Low Energy Light with 4 Lamps (Cased)

2x 12V Camera Light with Battery Belt
Lowel Tota Chinese Lantern Pole Light with Spring Ball
3x Blonde -2KW inc Case and Bags
2x 1000W Bambino Fresnel
2x Arri 650W Fresnel
2x Strand 650W Fresnel
2x Arri 300W Fresnel
4x Arri 150W Fresnel
Mizar 500W
Minim 500W
2x Mini-Broads 1000W
2x Redhead 800W (with ½ and 1 wires) & Metal Flightcase
2x Redhead Photoflex Small Softbox & Speed-Ring
Photoflex White Dome NXT Medium (24″ X 32″ X 17″) Softbox
3x Pulsar 300W with Case
Sachtler Reporter Light Kit 3x 300W Heads, 3x LW Stands, 3x Diffusion and Dichroic Filters, 2x 300W Dimmers with Case
30V Pulsar Battery Lamp with 30V PAG 3007 Battery
2x 500W Photoflood & 205W (5x 205W Lamps) Tungsten Fishpole with Chinese Lantern

Lighting Accessories
4x 2.5KW Dimmer
2x 20-500W Dimmer
2x 400W Dimmer
11x Lighting Stand (Inc 6x Blonde Stands)
2x Lighting Stand – Heavy Duty (Arri and Strand)
Lightbreak Kit
5-In-1 Flag
Lighting Filters – Various colours, CTB, CTO, Diffusion And ND
6x Sand Bag

Power Supply
10x 16Amp to 13 Amp MCB Plug
15x 5M 16Amp to 16amp Extension Cable
3x 1M 16Amp Y-Splitter Extension Cable
16Amp To 13 Amp 4 Gang
3x 16Amp To 13 Amp 2 Gang
3x 16Amp To 13 Amp 1 Gang

Gold and Silver – Large
Silver and White – Large

2x 5in1 Selens 60cm X 90cm Diffusion, Black, White, Gold and Silver

8ft X 8ft Green-screen Cloth with 3M Goal Post and 10x Clamps

Background Drapes
180cm X 180cm Background Drape – Slate/Wood/Brick/Sunset


Neewer Flash Gun, Diffuser
Nikon SS-400 Flash & Diffuser
Small White Photography Cube
45cm Flash Foldable Ring Speedlite Diffuser

Travel Cases
3x Peli 1600 Case
10x Flightcase
8x Lowepro AW300 Camera Backpack
8x TSA 3 Dial Locks



Producers & Directors

I am a Producer/ Director at the BBC Natural History Unit and have produced everything from obs doc, built documentary to blue chip wildlife. I have worked with Steve Brand on several documentaries over the last decade shooting handheld actuality with contributors and big name presenters, also lit interviews, and fast moving wildlife.

Steve is great to work with, highly versatile, creative and thorough.  He is excellent with presenters and contributors alike, putting people at ease, and I would trust him with an inexperienced director to ensure you get all the shots you need to tell the story.  He is a good lighting cameraman and follows on the hoof actuality well. He is not phased by difficult talent and thinks quickly with changing storylines.

Regards, Susie Painter

I’ve been directing for 24 years, my work including eight feature films, BAFTA winning TV drama and hundreds of commercials.

I’ve worked with Stephen Brand on a number of occasions in the last four years both on documentary projects and drama, most recently this February.

He is a terrific DOP and operator who has the ability to do both on highly considered work or under pressure to achieve excellent results whether it’s fading light or the schedule pressing.

On two of my factual projects he’s done great hand held operating and manages to make simple lighting look terrific.  

His framing is excellent.  On a couple of drama projects I’ve been able to leave him to rove and know that his pictures will be just what I need.

He is also tireless and totally committed when he comes on board a project and is a great team player.

I totally recommend him and can only hope that he’s free the next time we need him!

Very best, Vadim Jean.

I have worked with Stephen across six productions for the BBC. 

He has proved extremely flexible and resilient, both working as part of a crew and as a lone camera operator also recording sound, as dictated by budgets.

I have deployed his skills across a range of filming tasks: formal interviewing, observational filming, work with presenters, macro filming of artefacts and documents in a studio environment, crane shots, working with projected images and hand-held situational filming with a roaming presenter.  

I have also worked with him in some extreme environments and in some potentially difficult situations. 

From dealing with hostile interviewees to being arrested (wrongly) in Southern Africa he has been a calm presence, always practical and professional. 

Stephen has also shown himself to be extremely enthusiastic and energetic. 

He regularly attends planning session, often on his own time, and has become a great font of technical advice for many of the directors he has worked with. 

I repeatedly recommended Stephen to other productions, most recently for his specialist experience in using projected images and his experience of filming in Africa. 

David Olusoga

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